Precision Industries offers the Vigilante for GM vehicles. The PI Vigilante is our most popular line of torque converters.



The Stallion torque converter is available for most Ford automatic transmission equipped vehicles with lock-up and non lock-up applications.



For Dodge vehicles, Precision Industries offers the Viper Torque Converter Series.



The Dragon Torque Converter Series is available for Toyota Lexus, Toyota Supra, Nissan, Infiniti, and other import cars.


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High Performance & Heavy Duty Torque Converters

Precision Industries is based in Whiteville, Tennessee, east of the city of Memphis, central to a large population of performance car enthusiasts.  Assembly and manufacturing of our high quality torque converters uses state of the art CNC equipment to bring a high degree of sophistication and accuracy to our custom torque converters. The PI product holds close and repeatable tolerances to assure a torque converter worthy of your confidence. State of the art electronic balancing of your final assembly assures smooth, wear-free operation.

Precision Industries goes the extra mile to ensure our torque converters turn daily drivers into weekend hot rods! Precision Industries offers a 1 time free stall change within the first 2 years of the 5 year warranty. All you need to do is fill out the printable PDF on the website and ship it along with the torque converter to us.

Precision Industries was the first aftermarket torque converter manufacturer to design, develop and manufacturer multi disc torque converters. Our history of providing high performance torque converters has made us a leading name in the industry, a position that we maintain with honor. Precision Industries torque converters are built to increased torque multiplication, mileage, and decrease temperatures along with the ability to withstand extreme abuse, heavy towing and sled pulling.

By taking the time to look through our selection of the best torque converters on the market, you’re already making the decision to purchase a converter that will make your automatic transmission equipped vehicle have the performance that you expect.



PI vs. Competition


In the world of aftermarket torque converters, everyone and every torque converter company has their opinions of whose product is worth the money and whose isn't. The following pictures and information will try to help you, the customer, decide which is best for you. The following pictures are of actual torque converter parts sold to customers by our competitors. These pictures are of torque converters produced by the so called big name torque converter companies and are not fake. No competitors names will be revealed.  More...


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